All information about bloom fertilizers and growth fertilizers

Flower Fertilizer

Flower Fertilizer

Flower grow fertilizer is specifically developed to meet all the needs of the crops or plants during the growth cycle. The growth nutrition is made better available to the crops or plants by the presence of micro-organisms. Therefore, the crops and plants have higher needs for nitrogen (N), phosphor (P), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) in the growth phase. Administering flower fertilizer results in a faster and better development during the growth phase. Here the focus is aimed on stimulating the root growth, the formation of side shoots and the overall base of the crop or plant, in order to grow stronger and denser. Also, flower fertilizer often contains high levels of trace elements and sugars which make that soil bacteria work together harmoniously with the fertilizer. This all results in an optimal balance in the soil life of the crop or plant.

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Bloom nutrients, on the other hand, are specifically developed to provide in all the needs during the flowering cycle of the crop or plant. Due to the components of the bloom flower fertilizer positive micro-organisms are fed, resulting in that they multiply quickly. These positive micro-organisms provide a direct availability of the necessary elements from the bloom flower fertilizer for the crop or plant. These positive micro-organisms also provide more oxygen in the water. At the same time, they ensure a better and faster photosynthesis in the crop or plant, to the benefit of the quality of the crop or plant. The balanced bloom flower fertilizers results in a faster and better development, particularly during the flowering phase and final flower formation.

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